#Fisi Badly Exposed Salivating At Pastor Natasha While Praying


Nairobi based preacher Reverend Natasha has been on the news headlines for very unique reasons.

The female preacher has captured the attention of many Kenyans and not because of her preaching gift, which is amazing, but because of her looks.

The revered has been informally nicknamed the hottest/s3xiest/cutest preacher in the country and rightly so as even Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko could not hide his excitement after laying his eyes on the very beautiful preacher.

And ever since she came to the limelight, Revered Natasha’s church has been experiencing something other churches only hope and fast for.

In many occasions, it is women who flock churches, but the s3xy preacher’s place of worship has been witnessing an influx of male worshipers.

However some are not at her premises for the right purpose.

Take a look at the man circled in blue: