Finally Judge Ian Mbugua Responds To Claims He Impregnated Juliana Kanyomozi

ian mbugua
ian mbugua

In the past few weeks the Ugandan blogosphere has been rife with claims that former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) judge, Juliana Kanyomozi is pregnant, one of Uganda’s biggest e-news site, Bigeye reported that former Tusker Project Fame judge Ian Mbugua was the allege baby daddy of Juliana Kanyomozi’s unborn child.

The site claimed that Ian and Juliana have been dating secretly and that the songbird was even planning to travel to Nairobi where she will deliver her child.

Our source revealed that , Kenya’s tabloid, Ghafla sought to find out the truth from Ian Mbugua himself and this what he had to say;
“Yes I am (referring to whether he heard about Big Eye’s claim). Had a good laugh. I really really really hope you’re not going to ask me to comment.” 

From the above comment it’s obvious that Ian Mbugua is denying that he got Juliana Kanyomozi pregnant but let’s wait n see