Finally Bungoma Hang Man Game Is Released, Play It Now!

Finally Bungoma Hang Man Game Is Released,
james bond game

Saleh Wanjala made headlines last month after he hanged on chopper that was carrying the body of slain businessman Jacob Juma.

The guy who was aptly nicknamed ‘James Bond’ Wafula may have been immortalized after some creative Kenyan came up with an amazing game called Bungoma Hangman and it is awesome.

To DOWNLOAD the Bungoma:Hangman game, CLICK HERE

The basic principle of the game is for the player to survive by hanging on the chopper’s skids amid many obstacles in the flight path.

Once in the sky, one has to avoid aerial objects that could cause the helicopter to crash. Birds and boosters are some of the obstacles.

The developers have placed objects like a plate of ugali and chicken that one runs into to reenergize.

The game is available for download from Google Play and it has so far received rave reviews with over  4.6 average rating.