Exposed! Socialite Huddah Monroe Is A Petty Cheap Thief; See What She Was Caught Doing In Nigeria!!!


Last week, petite socialite, Huddah Monroe, was all over social media bragging about how she is enjoying life in Nigeria. Apparently, she had been invited to a private party at Banana Island Area in Nigeria by one of her close friends.

Huddah kept fans updated on how the private party was going down by posting photos on her instagram account.

In one of the photos, the s3xy socialite posted dollars scattered all over the floor to prove to haters that she is the real boss lady in the game.

In another photo, Huddah posted an expensive bottle of “Ace of Spades” placed on a table and bragged about how she is rolling like a queen.

However, it has emerged that the cunning socialite copy-pasted the photos from another instagram account named, “MegaBillions Entertainment.”

The photo with the dollars scattered all over the floor was posted in the account about a week ago while the other one with expensive champagnes placed on the table was posted three months ago.

However, Huddah decided to take her fans for fools and copy-pasted the photos. Here’s evidence that shows how Huddah has been lying to her fans.

She is just another broke lad;