EXPOSED! Ringtone’s Story Is Fake, He Was Not A Street Child As He Claims

Controversial Gospel Star Ringtone In Court Over Theft

Alex Apoko A.K.A Ringtone has been exposed badly with his fabricated story that he was a street child before joining gospel music

His inspiring story of him starting from the very bottom as a street kid before turning his life around and getting a music career which has not only brought in the money, but has also led to him dining with the V.I.Ps.

In past interviews, Ringtone has said that his mum dumped him at the doorstep of a bar in Nairobi’s Tom Mboya Street and left him at the mercy of the streets of Nairobi

His uncle discovered him after he had been thrown away then sent him to live with his grandmother who later passed away, leaving him once again at the mercy of the world. He was forced to flee to the streets and fend for himself as his family had allegedly rejected him. So he couldn’t pursue his education.

But as a former classmate of his revealed, this whole rag to riches story is a lie. He has been pulling our leg all along with this elaborately spun tale.

He shared a photo of Alex Apoko aka Ringtone while at Nyansiongo High School, Nyamira County

So this other story about him being thrown away by the mum in a box after birth and living in the streets is just a street story, the former classmate revealed.

Making us wonder why the modern day gospel musician would resort to spinning tales in order to appeal to the gullible Christians that always believe a sappy story.

So we called up Ringtone for his side of the story and he shouted at us before brusquely replying with “Andika Chenye Mnataka!”

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