EXPOSED!! This Is What Kathy Kiuna Has Been Using To Brainwash Her Followers, Ladies Are Ordered To Do This!


Flashy city preacher, Kathy Kiuna, of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC), has formed a committee to dress her and mind you, the committee members are using their own money to buy the controversial preacher expensive designer clothes mostly imported from Italy (remember she once bragged in a lady’s meeting that she only wears imported clothes specifically from Italy).
Apparently, Kathy has brainwashed ladies who worship in her church located in Parklands to the extent of treating her like a small god
They always refer to her as “mummy” because they believe she has the final say in anything they do.
According to snoops, local gospel songstress, Size 8, who is a gullible follower of Kathy Kiuna and has a special seat reserved for her in the church, is among the committee members tasked with the duty of dressing the controversial preacher
They meet weekly to discuss the latest fashion trends that suit their “mommy pastor” and are willing to drain their bank accounts to please her.
As Karl Max said, religion is the opium of the people