EXPOSED: Here is 2016 List Of Famous Celebs Who Were Members Of Illuminati.


Their Motto Is “Sell your soul, keep your body and divide half of your brain” this is the mandate of the Illuminati order, all members know this. “….when you leave you fall” a very sacred warning from the Illum grand book (more later on this interesting book that shares some resemblance with the Islamic Quaran and the book of Momo of the Seventh day Adventist church now Church of Christ) we managed to lay our hands on. This warning is the most feared aspect in Illuminati, because life and death depends on this warning
Sadly some African Celebs thinking they can game the system that brought them into power decided to ignore this warning and do whatever they want to do thereby going contrary to the Illum grand book have fallen. Ask Libya’s ex president Gadaffi if you can see him.
Here is the EXPOSE
1. Nigeria’s Charlie boy.
Charlie boy was given commision by Illuminati to be gay and also make men gay.
2. Nigeria’s Wizkid
Illuminati made it possible for him to get a deal with