EX-Citizen TV Anchor , Kirigo Ng’arua’s update Shocks Kenyans; See What she said


Barely days after she – Citizen TV, Kirigo Ng’arua’s faced the exe, her social media update has shocked Kenyans.

Kirigo Was among the citizen TV presenters who was axed during an operation that was meant to cut operating costs.

She was fired a month ago together with Terryann Chebet and others who happened to be along the way.Although Chebet has got herself somewhere,Kirio decided to take time to find console in the chaos.

Kirigo posted a certain update on her Facebook account  which has raised abuzz with the kind of relationship she had with her former employer.

Her statements Read:
” I literally love being at home. In my own space. Comfortable. Not Sorrounded by people,” the update read in part. “Just so you know??? And No… I am not being rude… It’s what happens when one is an introvert …. I also don’t like picking germs,” Ng’arua said.

Her statements clearly spell out that she is comfortable staying home than working on royal media.

According to speculations,Kirigo never seemed confortable working with her fellow employees at Citizen’s royal media.