‘Even if u sugar coat it n call it art, this is devillish. period!’ They Told Victoria Rubadiri Over The Halloween ‘Thing’


‘Even if u sugar coat it n call it art, this is devillish. period!’ They Told Victoria Rubadiri Over The Halloween Thing

Make up is like the second phase of creation because it can completely change a look. From old to young, dark to light, pretty to prettier make-up artists can literally bring about a total facial make-over.

Well, the gorgeous, charming and lively Rubadiri got to experience this rare kind of artistry while on set on #TheTrend..that was sometimes back

She hosted a team of artists who specialise in movie and television make-up. After a few minutes of working on her, the results got everyone thinking otherwise.(the featured image)

On the official NTV Facebook page, one of the photos was captioned, “Vicky Rubadiri ready for Halloween.”

As you can imagine, this brought about some strong religious/demonic comments and Vicky was forced to clarify. Here are a few.

Obara Omare – And now I understand how we lost our swit Esther Arunga to the demonic world.

Risper Wangechi – Even if u sugar coat it n call it art, this is devillish. period!!!

Daniel Godia – Let’s us not copy everything from the west!!!
There are things to joke about and things we should not joke about. Halloween is demonic whether you want to hear this or not, Halloween is not Godly. We better think before we lip

Revd Zainab Sammut – halloween is satanic…keep off saints this can affect vicky negatively there are things to joke about…..but as for this keep off

Emmie Frank – Its not funny dont be a devil worshipper why r u allowing satanisim.or u’ve been recruited to illuminat say sorry to Jesus immediately. Devil is a liar

Kenneth Kiplangat Ngeno – Call me anything you want but its Sad how we kenyans are embracing this western ungodly demonic culture…..the likes of goth

Valerie Nyagano – I thought you are Christian you are beautiful but then you resemble that devil itself. Don’t do things because people do then am expecting to see you in church so embarrassing!!

Wilfabs Nick – On this Ntv u got it wrong. What moral value r u imparting in the Kenyan society at large? How relevant is it in our own African set up? I agree we do ape the westerners in many ways but Vicky on this occasion a big NO.

Pascal Kipande – Acheni ushamba wakenya. Halloween is just a prank show there’s nothing spiritual in it. Watu Wa dini mmezidi. However Vicky you still look sexy in your costume.

Ruth Muriuki – Halloween is a very very very demonic activity!!!! Rubadiri Whats up?????

Charis Steve Muia – I thot Vicky Rubadiri was a born again christian? Hallowean and everything associated with it is demonic

she However defended her self in a statement. And the statement she released on Facebook read;