Eric Omondi Confirms That the Viral Video Was True And Reveals The Woman He Was Accused of Cheating With


A video of comedian Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Chantal Grazioli having an argument went viral on the internet a few days ago.

Many people on social media were not convinced that the video was real and they believed it was a publicity stunt since the couple is known for pulling numerous publicity stunts.

The comedian has finally given some details concerning the video.

He said that the incident in the video took place over a year ago and he wondered why the person in possession of the video did not release it sooner.

He also added that the girl he was being accused of sending airtime to in the video was his cousin.

Eric Omondi also said that he reconciled with his girlfriend after the incident and they are in a good place.

The two have been dating for about two years now.

They were expected to tie the knot sometime this year but there has been no communication concerning a wedding