End Times: Man From Central Kenya Marries His White Lover In A Colorful Ceremony

man marries man
man marries man

A kenyan man has brought shame to Kenya’s International Image by marrying his long While male lover.

Mr Ben Gitau, 33, from Nakuru and Mr Steve Damelin got married at Ann Arbor, Michigan in the US on Saturday afternoon.

Soon after the event, the two were seen at the Square’s gardens kissing and fondling in public as friends and family members cheered.

However, a respected marriage and family counsellor in Kenya immediately criticised the wedding.

Clerics led by Pastor Philip Kitoto, of the International Christian Centre, Nairobi critised the union saying that it is not ethical right

 “Culturally and biblically, marriage and s3xual relations between people of the same s3x is a sin.”

Kitoto tearmed it as abomination

“The Bible is clear that God created us in his image; He created us male and female. Therefore, in the Book of Leviticus 18:22 He warns men: ‘Do not have sex relations with a man as one does with a woman’. God calls this an abomination.”

Mr Kararu Ririe, a close friend of the couple and a confessed gay Kenyan residing in California, tweeted shortly after attending the wedding.

“This afternoon I had a chance to congratulate my friend, Ben and his husband, Steve on occasion of their marriage. It is a rare thing to see a Kenyan man so courageous! Congratulations.”he tweeted

Mr Gitau lived in Atlanta, Georgia, before moving to California.

Pst Kitoto added in his reaction: “For the man and a woman, s3x was not only meant for pleasure but also for procreation.

“That is why, in Romans 1:27-32, the Bible tells us that as mankind walked in disobedience to the commands of God, this led to a depraved mind where men lusted after other men and women after their own kind. They not only burned with passion for each other but they also recommended the same practice for others.”