End OF Soap opera! Denis Okari Takes Betty Kyallo Back After She Apologized

betty and denis okari
betty and denis okari

The two loverbirds Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari are headed for reconciliation months after their much publicized wedding hit bottom rock.

Betty kyalo has taken responsibility as woman, lowered herself and apologized to dennis Okari for all the happenings.

The two due to several reasons including Betty Kyalo having an affair with Prezzo and Mombasa Governor Joho. Here is heartfelt reply to Betty Kyalo from dennis Okari.

Comeback to me shawty lyrics
I guess it looks like my ways
Have gotten me messed up again,
Betty Kyalo you got me dippin now,I’m feeling guilty,so I am writing this, to ask for your forgiveness,
Please give me a second chance,
And damn I figure I did it,trying be fly,
And now I’m sittin here trying to figure out ‘how to get my baby back’
I done apologized a million times and girl i don’t know,
If she’s ever coming home,
Damn tryna be fly baby,

Darling Betty Kyalo. .
Come back to me shawty,
Cause ya taking my heart away,
Come back to me shawty (please forgive me)
Come back to me shawty
I cant erase you, ain’t no replacing you,
Cause you know you got that bomb,bomb,
And I’m really missing you yeah,
Come back to me shawty, cause ya taking my heart away,
Girl i know its crazy that we going through this
I know i promised that i, wouldn’t be so selfish,
All my life girl you never gonna be feeling this way again,
Tryna ta keep my,
Now i realize nothing in the whole world is worth losing ya,
And i should’ve been wit you(baby)
But I’m gonna do much better,
Willing to do whatever
Cause I’m tryna keep my baby,

(ooh baby)
It’s really killing me, (killing me)
Just tryna leave without you,
And i ain’t gonna make it, if u say i lost you,
So i never stop until i get ya back shawty