Drama As Caroline Mutoko Strikes Mohamed Ali Of Jicho Pevu Badly Over Cheryl Exposé (video)

caroline mutoko
caroline mutoko

Controversial Radio personality Caroline Mutoko has fiercely attacked mohammed Ali for Exposing and destroying the life of Cheryl Kitonga in his video kaburi la Wazi.

She called it unprofessional piece of journalism exposing the young girl identity while hiding all others identity including that of the Taxi driver.

In a video titled; ‘The Price of Shame’, Mutoko trolled Ali for revealing the face of a girl identified as Cheryl Kitonga who met with Juma on the night of his death.

“I do not think I have ever been more disappointed with Moha or even KTN,” Mutoko said.

She questioned why Ali did not protect the identity of the girl yet all other suspects mentioned in the investigative piece had their faces either blurred or hidden from the camera.

The former KISS 100 radio presenter shamed Ali for doing a “shoddy job” in the exposé stating, “It is the most disappointing job you have ever done”.

Ms Mutoko blatantly pointed out that it was a shame for the KTN journalist to sell his story using the young girl.

 “Moha shame on you. That was unwarranted. That young girl did not deserve to become the item on that exposé you did.” Mutoka said emphatically.

After the piece was broadcasted, Ms Kitonga has been trending on social media with many Kenyans taking an issue with why the journalist chose to expose her to the whole world.

Is caroline mutoko forgetting she was the last lady to have seen mutula Kilonzo before he died ?

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