Diamond Platnumz Risks To Be Sued By EX Girlfriend Over Unpaid Dues


Hell is breaking loose for Bongo star Diamond Platnumz after his EX girlfriend Wema Sepetu vowed to take him to court over unpaid dues

According to the source, Actress Wema Sepetu says an artiste signed with Diamond’s WCB Records featured her in a music video without her consent.

She added that Diamond approached her to feature in the video but she demanded to be paid

“Diamond Platnumz asked me to feature in Raymond’s music video. I asked him to pay me TSh10 million (KSh465, 000). He showed resistance. Seemingly he wanted me to provide free services; asking why I featured in Ommy Dimpoz’s music video without demanding money.

“I told him – in Ommy Dimpoz’s case – he needed my assistance. But with him (Diamond), I made it clear that I wanted to be paid. Later on, I shared details of my agreement with Diamond to a friend known as Martin Kadinda. Kadinda told me that the KSh465, 000 that I had asked for was little,” Wema Sepetu told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

Wema Sepetu revealed despite setting conditions for her image to be used in a music video, she was filmed secretly during the birthday party of Diamond Platnumz’s pal Rommy Jones – and the video was used in a scene of Raymond’s song.

When I was at Rommy’s birthday party, I did not know that they had ulterior intentions. Raymond was all over me, with photos and videos of us taken severally. Later when Natafuta Kiki video was released, I was shocked to see myself featured in it without my consent,” added Wema Sepetu.

“I am in communication with my lawyers to file a suit against Diamond Platnumz as it is he whom I’d entered into an agreement with,” said Wema.

The outlet reached Diamond Platnumz’s manager Salam Sharraf for comment, who said he does not see any breach of agreement between Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu.

“Wema posted the videos on her Instagram account a day after the birthday party. That gesture alone communicated she did not find anything wrong with the video. Therefore, we saw no harm in featuring her in Raymond’s video,” said Mr Sharraf