Is Diamond Platnumz a Drug Trafficker, See What Happened After Wema Sepetu Was Arrested


Tanzanian socialite,Wema Sepetu was arrested on Friday by Tanzania authority on suspicion of selling illegal drugs in Tazania.

A day after her arrest, her former boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz has been summoned to appear to the nearest police station as soon as possible or face arrest.

Diamond Platnumz was listed among individuals who deal with drug-trafficking in Tanzania.

It is believed that the singer uses his position in the society to sneak drugs into the country and supply them through his allies.

Initially, Wema Sepetu, his former girlfriend, was directly selling on behalf of the singer but later went her own way after they parted ways.

Besides Diamond and Wema,there are other 17 Tanzanian nationals who were mentioned in the list,they include:Ray C,Nay Wa Mitego, Idris Sultan,Ruge Mutabaha,Azan Zungu,and Vanessa Mdee.

In Tanzania, this business is a single day, an individual can make up to Tsh 4 million, which can even go beyond depending on season and day of the week.