DCI Ignored Mohamed Ali’s Question On The Jicho Pevu Investigative Story That Aired On KTN( Video)

moha jicho pevu
mohamed ali

In an investigative piece aired on KTN, journalist Mohamed Ali challenged DCI Ndegwa Muhoro to confirm whether he had grilled Ruto or not, as the DP had been mentioned by Juma as one of the people interested in killing him.

At first, the DCI boss declined to reply arguing that he didn’t have a ready answer at that time.

“Why aren’t you asking about other witnesses? Allow me not to answer that question, okay!” stated Muhoro.

 “Why is it difficult for you to tell us whether you have summoned the Deputy President and yet it’s easy to confirm that you have questioned other people you mentioned in the investigations?” posed Ali.

In the recording, a seemingly agitated Muhoro looks at the journalist for a moment and ignores the question, opting to continue with the interview.

“Until such a point I will determine that XYZ is a suspect, that becomes a totally different issue altogether. Let’s hear from another person,” said Muhoro while trying to avoid giving an answer.

Earlier on, detectives had indicated that nothing would stop them from summoning anyone they considered a ‘person of interest’ in the probe of Juma’s controversial murder.

Here is the video courtesy of KTN