Cyprian Nyakundi Str!ps Caroline Mutoko Naked, Defending Mohamed Ali Exposé On JJ’s “Last Super” Cheryl Kitonga

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Cyprian Nyakundi  is currently known for exposing the unexposed and this morning his attention is set to destroy and attack media personality Caroline Mutoko after she openly blasted Mohammed Ali for publicly reporting that Cheryl Kitonga was with Jacob Juma before he passed on, many called her the ‘last supper’ of Jacob Juma.

Epic, vintage Cyorian Nyakundi at his prime goes ham on Caroline Mutoko and others in this piece.

Read on what Cyprian Nyakundi wrote:

“Pre-emptive Strike: Caroline Mutoko Defends Cheryl Kitombwa To Divert Attention From Her Own Mutula Fiasco
Good people, I just watched a disgusting video by Radio Africa’s Caroline Mutoko, who ranted about Mohammed Jicho Pevu’s exposè that chose to focus on Jacob Juma’s extra-marital partners, instead of what Caroline Mutoko expected which is, the killers.
Mutoko goes ahead to justify every delusional action by women in Kenya today, using age as the scapegoat. That in one’s 20’s you’re allowed to fool-around as much, you’re allowed to make mistakes and ultimately society is supposed to sit back and watch you wreck havoc all in pursuit of your selfish desires, hiding under the mask of feminism.
The duplicity in Caroline Mutoko’s vagina-monologue is on breath-taking levels. Why didn’t she for-instance, defend the young men who were being extra-judicially murdered by the murderous police gang KweKwe Squad? Those were also young boys wandering in their curiosity into the wrong company and vices.
We have to all agree that the society has set norms and standards that allow a roadmap to survival. And then God brought Karma to equalise all of us, meaning that the same KweKwe members who murdered innocent Kenyans, will also endure the same fate, with the same bullets they used on people. Equally, the murderers of Jacob Juma will ultimately die of HIV/AIDS or a plane-crash and their legacy will be torn into pieces. That’s just how the system works.
Caroline Mutoko claims that we should cut Cheryl Kitombwa some slack because she’s only 26 and she will outgrow her hoe-phase. Should we really? Because Mutoko was once alleged to have been the “mysterious” woman to was knocking boots with the late Mutula Kilonzo under the influence of the performance enhancing-drug Viagra. In simple terms, she rode Mutula to the grave. That was barely 3 years ago. Was Mutoko in her 20’s?
So is Caroline Mutoko defending Cheryl due to public interest or self-preservation? We cannot continue invoking the age argument so as to justify inherent stupidity or moral malaise. Children in Japan assemble computers at the age of 10, when their counterparts in Kenya are busy cramming mediocrity as structured by the 8-4-4 system. Who is talking about that?

26 year old woman like Cheryl is technically supposed to be married and making her home, in preparation for her 1st child by the age of 27 or 28. Not whoring around Nairobi and sleeping with men for money that she doesn’t really need, but merely fantasising about the glamorous lives of whores and socialites she see’s on social-media.
Slut-shaming is an act that is mostly propagated by fellow women who are afraid of competitors that aren’t afraid of exhibiting their sexuality (a.k.a whores), as a way to stem mate-poaching. It is women who call other women sluts, whores, bitches etc, because society has its way of undermining women of loose morals and promiscuity. They call them out as signals to us men, and as a form of stigma.
Women worry a lot more about their sexual reputations among their acquaintances, coworkers, family, and neighbors. Specifically, they fret about the existential reputational threat posed by slut-shaming in modern society.
Women are vicious to each other about slut-shaming. A woman’s entire social life could be ruined by one mean sexual rumor that has been perpetuated through social media by people who barely know her. By the time a woman is out of college, she’s had years of hearing women rag on other women (in their class, in their dorm, in their sorority, at their work) for being sluts and whores. Imagine the anxiety that comes with an ill-timed one-night stand or an indiscreet friend with benefits. It can be paralyzing for some women.
As a guy or even just a functional member of society, it’s important to realize that female slut-shaming isn’t the product of some deep self-loathing or in-group hatred. Rather, it is as prevalent as it is because a promiscuous rival is a woman’s biggest threat to keeping a good boyfriend. “Sluts” aren’t derogated because women are uncomfortable with their sexuality; it’s because they’re experts at mate poaching, which is a very real threat to most women. So when women are thinking about short-term mating with you, they’re also thinking, “Who at school or work might find out about this?” and “How will I feel about this when I’m chatting with my mom later this week?”
Female promiscuity also has a “tragedy of the commons” effect in the mating market. If one woman offers blowjobs on the second date, it’s harder for other women to keep them in reserve until the fourth date as their special treat. This creates a downward spiral of young women feeling like they have to offer more and more sex to more and more guys just to stay in the mating game. Thus, slut-shaming is a way of enforcing a more restrained sexual norm on other women so that not all women have to become more promiscuous than any of them would like.
The slut-shaming then seeps down into a woman’s emotional matrix, where it can fester and undermine her self-respect. That’s why women typically do not feel great about themselves the morning after a one-night stand. There’s a reason they call the journey home the morning after a hookup the “walk of shame.”
Given the risk of slut-shaming, a typical female strategy is to pursue short-term mating quietly, with a lot of plausible deniability, adaptive self-deception, and circumstantial rationalization. Any credible excuse for casual sex can reduce the slut-shaming risk—“It was my birthday,” “I was drunk,” “It was spring break,” “It was Masaku 7’s, after all,” “I’ve always loved his beard” and whatever other excuse they can conjure.
These special-circumstance explanations help women create plausible deniability to other women that any given short-term sex was not representative of their usual longer-term mating strategy. Even the euphemisms that women use for sex (“hanging out,” “hooking up,” “partying,” “dating,” “going out together”) help obscure the key issue of whether intercourse actually happened.
Unfortunately for Cheryl Kitombwa, there is no plausible-deniability in this case. A prominent businessman has been murdered, and camera footage/MPESA transactions indicate that the lady was in close proximity with the late Jacob Juma, hours before his gruesome murder. A script straight from the movies.
Unfortunately for Cheryl, she has to take the bullet as the country seeks to hit the re-set button, from the detour occassioned by Radio Africa who made it their policy to use sex as their anchor in driving their brand. Just because Caroline Mutoko loves sleeping with older men, and Maina Kageni is a homosexual, does not entitle them to impose their sexual deviancy to the public, all masked in subliminal-messaging and hiding under the cover of feminism, democracy and freedom of speech.
If Jacob Juma’s death will ignite discourse that will ultimately expose those who have abused their positions in media to elevate the scourge of prostitution layered under the cover of being a “socialite” then so be it. For long we remained silent as mainstream media propagated immorality at the expense of real knowledge. We saw Linus Kaikai and Larry Madowo host Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe in rapid succession. We saw that same Mutoko embrace a whore who had jumped her bill at a 5-Star hotel, and even went further to give her a job at KISS 100, as if being a malaya is such a revolutionary act.
We speak on behalf of women who made right choices, married and managed families for the sake of posterity. And they are the majority. The psychopaths whose work is to jump from bed to bed soliciting for money or achieving some abnormal sexual objective are the minority. We want to confine them to Koinange Street, and not on radio waves and TV shows.
To the super-sensitive feminists who claim that we are unfairly-targeting women, please get over yourselves. We have always called out promiscous old men like Chris Kirubi, Paul Ndung’u, Jimnah Mbaru etc, and you still went ahead to cheer Kirubi after he was appointed as Chairman of Brand Kenya Board, instead of signing a petition against it, due to his sexual deviancy. Kirubi should not be allowed to sit in a board that markets the country, sending the wrong signals that we are all about his wicked ways. We also called on Raila Odinga to strip Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho of ODM Chairmanship in the Coast, after rumors that he purchased a V8 for Betty Kyalo surfaced.
If Uhuru and Raila accomodate sexual deviants all for the sake of political-expediency, what message are they sending to the rest of the country?
Finally, shall we allow old men to spread HIV/AIDS to young women helplessly? Or you want to imagine that someone who wired 60K to a woman will use protection? Why is he spending all this money when the going rate for pussy in massage parlours is 3K if not for the sole-purpose of spreading the virus?
Welcome to a new era ladies and gentlemen. The end of socialites and mainstream media-promoted whores is nigh.