This Is What Is Currently Happening To Kiuna’s Marriage After The Recent Shocking Drama


Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife Kathy Kiuna seem to have weathered the storm that marriage when Tuko reported that Bishop Allan Kiuna was having an affair and had even gotten the mpango wa kando pregnant.
During the weekend, the Bishop addressed enemies and haters who are trying to bring him down by saying that all his wicked enemies will fall and stumble.

His wife also supported him on social media.

In her post, she tells her husband that she loves him and encourages him to keep on walking tall.

She also made another post which said, “Finally home with my boo after an extraordinary mission. God has been too good to us. To him be the glory.”

The post accompanied a selfie of her and her husband close together. From the picture, you can tell that they are really happy.

Many of their fans supported them with encouraging and supportive comments.