Could This Be A Cult?? Eric Omondi Was Caught Doing This


Is Eric Omondi illuminati ?? He has been subject to controversy and some people think it could be in form of cult.

Erick Omondi on Friday became the subject of a vicious attack from social media users who were angry after he posted a photo of himself on a cross seemingly imitating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The photo has been taken as part of a video rendition to Sauti Sol’s hit Kuliko Jana.

Omondi captioned the photo with a biblical verse from Luke 23:42-43: “ Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom..and the Lord replied, surely today you shall be with me in Paradise.”

Unfortunately, the well-intended verse could not save him from the harsh reactions from social media users who found the post to be in bad taste.

Is eric Omondi A devil worshiper ?

On the other hand, Citizen TV Siren Lilian Mulli was roasted after a selfi with Longomba went viral

Citizen TV anchor was left embarrassed after taking a selfie with Congolese maestro Awilo Longomba after hosting him for interview.

Kenyans were quick to note that she is developing Kapotie which was clearly seen in the photo.

She s one of the most admired TV personalities but Kenyans noted she is wearing away so fast.

See the photo below