Comedian Sleepy David And Jemutai Photos In A Bathtub Leaks Online


Churchill show comedian MC Jessy has been making headlines after he revealed the love of his life, Shix Kapyenga after filling to divorce his wife

Days later, Butita and Mamito revealed their relationship to the public and the two love birds moved in together


Now, comedian Sleepy David is among the few comedians who preferred  keeping their personal lives under arms but not anymore

Recently however, he did something unprecedented by sharing raunchy photos of a lass that looked like his fellow Churchill comedian Jemutai in a bathtub.

Rumor has it that Jemutai is his girlfriend, and from the photos we don’t doubt i

According to reports, the intimate photos were first seen in February after they were leaked online by an angry photographer.

The photographer claimed that the comedian did not pay for a private photo shoot which took place at Tribe Hotel on Valentine’s day.

In a different twist of events however, Sleepy decided to share the photos himself on social media…. and #TeamMafisi went gaga after seeing them.

He then deleted them shortly after.