Comedian Sleepy David Caught On Camera Passionately Kissing Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula Actress Awinja (ROMANTIC PHOTOS)


Churchill show comedian Sleepy David was caught on camera kissing Citizen TV’Sleepy-David2 Sleepy-David Sleepy-David-1s Papa Shirandula actor Awinja.

This comes barely two months after Anto Neosol made a surpise proposal to Papa Shirandula’s factotum, Awinja.

The two were engaged in a deep passionate kiss at the Luo festival that left many shocked and surprised

Sleepy had shocked many revelers at the recently held Luo Festival after he decided to propose to Awinja, who is allegedly engaged, on stage before he went on to passionately kiss her.!

Naughty naughty  Sleepy, These two are definitely knocking boots

see the photos below and be the judge