Classic 105’s Nick Odhiambo In Another Big Mess! He Knocked His Lover Teeth Out


Classic 105’s Nick Odhiambo has been exposed as a brutal man after his ex-lover made claims that he beat her up and injured her badly.

The two had parted ways but momentarily re-united earlier in the year. Their previous romantic flame re-ignited and it was roses until they fought.

After a night out, Jane Mwai claims that Odhiambo quareled her. They were in his car. He started talking about the many men that Mwai was allegedly servicing.

In the drunken altercation that followed, Mwai told the Nairobian that the presenter knocked out her teeth using a phone.

She further claims that there was a time that Odhiambo locked her in his Kiserian house and abused her for two weeks.

At his home in Kiserian, Mwai claims that there is a part that Odhiambo calls ‘ Jane’s grave’- a patch of flowers on the patio, Tuko notes.

On his part, Odhiambo says that the woman has been using the police to blackmail him for money.

That, he got into a temper when she started flirting with other men and smoking weed in his car.

Odhiambo says that he only casually hooked up with her three years ago after he broke up with his baby mama.

And that the woman had made it hard for him to find love by portraying him as a violent person.