Why CitizenTV’s Lilian Muli Got ONE Hair Style

lilian muli

Celebrated news anchor Lilian Muli always wears her hair in one style, one that has no doubt become her signature look!

All her photos, even before she came to lame light, her hair has always been styled the very same way.

Believe it or not, Word has it that a very bad accident, one that led her suffering serious injuries, left her with a permanent scar on her forehead.

The scar is on slightly above her left eye; our sources say it is too bad such that it must be covered by her hair

It isn’t normal for someone like her who can afford any hairdo to stick to one hair style from January to December

However, she is beautiful, got brain and she is admired by many! See photos of Lilian Muli below

lilian-muli-hair4 lilian-muli-hair7 lilian-muli-hair5 lilian-muli-1-640x480 lilian-muli-hair