Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena Introduces Her Man, See The Lucky City Tycoon (PHOTOS)

Kanze Dena On Citizen Studios
Kanze Dena On Citizen Studios

Kanze Dena is simply amazing. We all know her as she beams with laughter on our screens as the weekend approaches.

The sultry talented anchor has been a single mother ever since she gave birth in form four but she has finally found a lover.

His name is Francis, a cool and reserved gentleman.

Identity of the man who has been warming up the bed of Citizen TV Swahili anchor, Kanze Dena, has finally been revealed after keeping her  love life under wraps for a long-time.

Despite the fact that Kanze Dena got married with her two kids, her husband never loved her, and he always saw her as a mistake to his life, until she one day decided “well,enough is enough” and she took off

However, things seams went well and she finally found Mr. Right whom she introduced recently.

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