Citizen Tv Actress Jacky Vike(Awinja of Papa Shirandula) Opens Up About Being a Pr0stitut3 in The Streets of Nairobi!


Some actors/actresses have it in their contracts that they’ll never appear in their birthday suits or play a se,x scene on screen, but Jacky Vike is not one of those actors.

In fact she says that she is not afraid of se,x scenes.
Maybe that’s why one of the most memorable scenes from Nairobi Half-Life was Awinja playing the randy yet hilarious pro,stitute.

A scene she pulled out flawlessly, scandalizing and titillating us at the same time.

So how did she pull this off we asked. Is there pressure to act a s,e,x scene?

“To be honest if you love something it’s easier, I did not feel like I was doing anything wrong. I had fun with that character. But come the day of the launch, I watched it when I was hiding.’ she says as it felt strange watching herself in that situation.
But she would not mind doing another sex scene as she says she is able to separate the character from herself. “I am an actress; I would do even raunchier scenes. I’m acting, those characters are not me” she says.