Cheryl Gitonga; From Sponsee To Sponser, She Is Now Filthy Rich

Cheryl Gitonga lands a new job
Cheryl Gitonga lands a new job PHOTO/COURTESY

Cheryl Gitonga, the lady who was exposed by Mohammed Ali to be Jacob Juma’s side chick is, one lucky woman after she lands herself a new job.

In the expos’e done by Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali, Cheryl Gitonga was the only person whose face was no masked. This led to many bigwigs condemning the expos’e claiming that it was aimed at ruining Gitonga’s name.

This expos’e made her bitter and she swore to find Mohammed Ali’s dad and date him.

However, As they say, in every negative thing, there must be a positive side, Cheryl Gitonga has just been offered a job by Kenya’s top modelling company Surazuri Agency.

Surazuri has helped launch the international careers of several other Kenyan models including Tess Njuhi, Eva Ndachi and most notably, Ajuma Nasanyana.

It is alleged that she will be earning 500k plus other bonuses. Thanks to Jicho Pevu. Cheryl has admitted that many people are still stalking her. Others even go to her new office demanding to know who killed Jacob Juma. This has made her to fear for her new job.

We hope that Jacob Juma’s killers will be found and that she will find peace in her new job. SHARE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW.

Watch the expos’e below