Check Out The Inside Of Joho’s Lavish NYALI House (VIDEO TOUR)


There were reports that AP officers deployed to Ali Hssan Joho’s home, which is a few metres from Nyali police station, were chased away.

Four officers were seen outside the home while inside, a new occupant who identified himself as Mohammed Khamisi said frequent police visits surprised him.

His close confidants said he found a new home as he felt he could no longer live in the Nyali house.

“I moved in six days ago when Governor Joho shifted. I do not need any guards since I have my own private guards from a security firm I am Joho’s distant relative and I am the new tenant. I now occupy this house. I do not plan to take any action but ask whoever is responsible for the security to [tell them]I am not in need,” he said.

Richard Chacha, his communications director, said the security was deployed to the wrong house.

“The AP guards went to the wrong house and that is where they have been since Monday night. The Governor shifted some days back,” he said.

Joho had lived in the house for the last six years. Unconfirmed reports indicated he moved without his valuables.

Check out the Nyali residence…COURTESY the star