Captain Otoyo Sibuor In A Fix After Impregnating A Girl

Otoyo Sibuor

A lady, Faith, has made headlines after opening up to the public over what comedian Kazungu Matano, popularly known as Otoyo Sibuor, did to her.

Faith exposed captain Sibuor after refusing to take responsibility over their unborn child. This has made Otoyo and Mashirima Kapombe to split.

Faith who is ready for a DNA to prove his allegations claims that she is not after Kazungu’s money but only wants him to take responsiibility for their unborn son.

The six month pregnant girl says she decided to expose Kazungu since he gave her blue ticks. She disclosed she was fired from her job because of her pregnancy and now wants Kazungu to step in and cushion her for the loss of her job.

As she claims, Mashirima Kapombe and Otoyo were nolonger together, thanks to the philandering behavior and heavy thirst that Otoyo has.

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