Braless Lupita Nyong’o Photos With Raila Odinga Will Make You Go Gaga

lupita nyong'o
lupita nyong'o

Barely months to next year’s general elections, CORD Principal Raila Odinga is busy travelling world wide seeking advices and ways to beat Uhuru Kenyatta and pave his way to state house

Raila is so optimistic that he will be become Kenya’s fifth president despite the fact having failed in the last three attempts to become the country’s CEO.

Politics in Kenya is not for the faint-hearted. It takes lots of charisma, deep pockets and a team of calculating people around you to convince voters to cast their votes in your favour come polls day.

Over the weekend, Tinga travelled to Uganda’s capital Kampala for his ‘businesses’ only to find Kenya’s export to Hollywood Lupita Nyong’o waiting him

Raila has shared on social media a photo of him in the company of the movie legend in the making, holding hands as they chat away without a space between them. Yes, they were that close.

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