Bizarre Thing That Happened On Biwott’s Send Off


Mr Biwott, popularly known as ‘Total Man’, died in Nairobi on July 11 after a long illness.

For the longest time, the deceased had been linked to the death of OUKO who died during Moi’s regime.


one of his wives, Hannie noted that contrary to a perception by many Kenyans, Biwott did not murder Robert Ouko.

She recalled the events of the early 1990s when reports implicated her husband in the murder of Ouko and corruption.

She noted that her husband swore himself that he had nothing to do with the death of the former Foreign Affairs Minister.
“We were surprised but when we asked him about the reports, he said he knew his heart was clean and even God knew the truth.” “We asked him to place a newspaper advert to put the record straight but he ignored us, saying he was innocent,” Hannie said

Dignitaries who attended Bowott’s burial dismissed the claims saying he was a devoted and honest leader.

Away from that, On Wednesday, his three widows and seven children were introduced to hundreds who turned up to view his body at Biwott Day Secondary School in Keiyo South ahead of his burial

The three – Hannie Kiprono, Margaret Kamar and Kalista Lessie – stood in front of the crowd and held each other’s hands and expressed their sadness at losing a man they said had taken good care of them.

As it has been in most families, after the loss of bread winner, most families split to scramble for the wealth left behind.

Some endup killing one another but that is like not the case with the three widows.

Mr Biwott has survived seven children – six daughters and a son – who were all introduced on Wednesday