Too Bad! Bungoma Headteacher Busted Bonging A Minor In His Office

Lugusi Academy headteacher
Lugusi Academy headteacher

A headteacher from Bungoma County was on Saturday busted by neighbours having sex with a minor in his office.

Samuel Masafu Kongoni, the principal of LugusiAcademy in Webuye East, is said to have locked his office from inside before he began committing the heinous act.

Narrating what transpired on the fateful day, the girl’s mother said Mr Masafu first sent her daughter to the shop before he locked her in the office.

“He called my daughter and sent her for airtime but when she returned neighbours who were harvesting maize at the school said they saw him locking the girl in the office,” the agitated mother recounted.

The neighbours who were harvesting maize at a nearby farm became suspicious and immediately responded. They reportedly broke down the office door and caught the teacher in the act.

However, the school head jumped through the window and boarded a motorbike that speeded off.

The girl was rushed to Webuye hospital where after an examination it was discovered she was pregnant.

She revealed that she had been engaging in sexual relations with the teacher since January 2016, with the promise that she would always get anything she wanted.

Bungoma Women Representative Dr Reginalda Wanyonyi condemned the act and urged the police to bring the culprit to book.

Police from Webuye have launched a manhunt for the suspect