Do Away With These Sandals Immediately, Here’s The Reason


The 21st centaury generation is experiencing worst times than any other generation. This includes the rapid chronic diseases associated with lifestyle.

A few scientists from Germany made a research in which was proved that these sandals contain a mixture of compounds that are carcinogenic and are the main reason for expressing some types of cancer.


This is because they are made from plastic clogs. Now question s does plastic logs cause cancer ??

According to the source, In this research, researchers tested 10 pairs of the best brands of clogs made of plastic. And later were tested in laboratory.

After the analysis was made the results were shocking. The clogs contained approximately 60% aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

PAHs are very harmful substances that by causing cell mutation lead to some serious types of cancer.

These substances are especially toxic and carcinogenic when entering in the body by inhaling it or penetrating through the skin pores.

According to this same research the black clogs contained the highest amount of aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

And nearly 70% of the clogs that were put to analysis contained solvents and heavy metals.

What is most important after reading this is to know that you should avoid wearing clogs.

Or if you think it’s necessary to wear it, then you better wear socks first, because these toxic compounds can easily enter into your body through the skin.

One also interesting and important fact is that the original Crocs actually did not contain any kind of carcinogenic compound. But they did contain solvents that could cause allergies.