Another Congolese Musician Detained In Mombasa Kenya


Congolese Musician Le General Defao detained in Mombasa over an apartment bill of Kshs. 20,000.

These Congolese musicians should have learned long ago that Kenya is their waterloo. This guy went so down that he sang in clubs behind shops

Arrested for unpaid hotels bills then totaling Kshs, 500,000, he bid time at Industrial Area Police Station until a generous and loaded Luo lady, swept off her feet by his burly but flexible waist bailed him out. He should have gone then.

Reports indicated that moneyed Kapuka singer Jaguar had offered to pay off the bill and save the poor legend’s face. And it was actually true…

Defao, who had been booked to perform in the particular hotel,ended up extending his stay and accruing bills that were not meant to be covered by the hotel management

In the past, Kanda Bongoman was rushed to the airport held by his belts over then strikingly beautiful Catherine Kasavuli.

In a performance at Nyayo Stadium, all the women in Nairobi trooped there, thousands of them removed their pants and waved them at him as “Inde Moni” rent the air.

It was a spectacle. If it touched Kasavuli, it touched the man from Sacho.