Akothee Heartfelt Letter Over Sponsors And Sponsees

Akothee Kenya

Akothee is indeed one of the richest women celebrities in Kenya.

The “Give it to me” hit-maker, who recently received a Ferrari to use during the antenatal for her sixth baby was all over the internet after sharing a photo of her two son’s with an old “mzungu”, who she referred as bae. Many claiming that she is using sponsor’s money.

This followed Jimmy Gait’s hit song, “Yesu Ndie Sponsor” that has also been attacked by Kenyans on social media.

Akothee could not keep this to herself. She wrote and shared a long touchy message on social media.

Read her message below,

“I wonder why the world is going crazy about sponsors, what’s wrong with a financially stable partner supporting her/ his partner financially? Why do you want your partner to be generous to spend time with you & you can’t be generous with your finances?

What’s wrong by raising a living standard of a partner you love & loves you ? Did sponsors kidnap anyone or people are there by choice ? Is it jealousy or formula of getting a sponsor sounds like arithmetic, why do you expect your boyfriend to take you out & pay bills ,is he also a sponsor?

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