Aging British Army officer Gets “stuck” and Dies in his 22 year old Lovers House in Nanyuki


Hell broke loose after a 42 year old British army officer collapsed and died inside the house of his 22-year-old lover in Nanyuki, Kenya

According to our source, The deceased  army officer, was in the country training with the British Army Training Unit Kenya.


The body is a permanent training support unit of the British Army in Kenya.

Our source revealed that the officer  died on Saturday evening shortly after he and his lover arrived at the girlfriend’s house in Nanyuki.

A section of the woman’s neighbors speculated that the British army officer died after engaging in s3xual intimacy with his lover, while another quota surmised that the soldier died after getting stuck while having s3x with the 22-year-old woman.

Neighbors, who had milled around the woman’s house after word had gone round about the soldier’s death, were denied access into her house by BATUK soldiers, who had gone to collect their colleague’s body.

Laikipia East police boss, James Kithuka, However, dismissed Claims that the 40-year-old soldier died during intimacy with his lover .

“The army officer had had a good time with his longtime girlfriend outside her house before returning inside. While inside the house, they cooked and ate. The man would shortly, thereafter, complain of a severe headache. He vomited, collapsed and died. What is being speculated by members of the public is not true; the man did not get stuck while having s3x with his lover,” said Mr Kithuka.