‘Had An Affair With My Sister In-law, Now She Has My Child’, Help A Brother!


Extra marital affair with men is rampant. Now this is way far from rampant

Read the confession below;


“I am a married man in a complicated situation that I perpetually regret getting myself into. I had an extra-marital affair with my sister in-law (elder sister to my wife).

We had an agreement to maintain secrecy as our affair would be a major scandal that would tear apart the family.

Unfortunately, she became pregnant and delivered a baby boy last month. I have a feeling that she trapped me with the baby and would want to know whether I can legally walk out on her.

My other predicament is to snub the baby boy as my wife has four girls – having a boy is however, celebrated in my community.

Can I sue her for trapping me with a baby? What can my wife do if she knows? Ben, Nakuru.”