5 Homosexuals, Among Them A Kenyan Priest Are In Court To Seek “Security”

5 Homosexuals, Among Them A Kenyan Priest Are In Court To Seek “Security”
gay couple

Five homosexuals including a priest based in Kisumu are in court seeking orders to protect the rights of sexual minorities.

Mark Odhiambo and four others claim they have been subjected to public attacks, arbitrary arrests by the police and discrimination purely on the basis of their perceived or actual imputed sexual orientation.

In an urgent application, they allege that they have been subjected to several violations of their rights to privacy and human dignity by law enforcers.

One of the complainants, Yvonne Powers, claims she has undergone public attacks, arbitrary detention and eviction from her residence, attacks on her business purely because of her perceived or actual sexual orientation.

Through Otieno and Ogola Company advocates the petitioners say they are suing on behalf of public interest to ensure that fundamental rights and freedoms of persons of minority sexual orientation and gender identities are protected.

“The law enforcers have been subjecting gays, transgender and bisexuals to inhuman degrading treatment,” they state.

Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, Nyanza Western and Rift Valley Network and Kenya Human Rights Commission have filed the petition in support of the petitioners.