34 Days To The Elections; Prophet Owuor Makes Another Shocking Prediction!!


Days ago, prophet AWOUR ‘resurrected’ a woman by the name mama rosa in south pokot afrer being confirmed dead by family members.

Now, on youtube, “A dark day coming to Kenya during the general elections but normalcy there after” read a youtube post on the Prophet’s youtube channel.


Inside of the video he says that God had spoken to him regarding 8th of August 2017 which happens to be the general election day.

He said that it will be a dark moment full of tension but good enough the nation passes through it.

Prophet Owuor also said in the same video that the country needs to call for national day of prayer and repentance because the Lord has promised to sail this nation through it, and that he needs to have a day to pray for the nation like he did in 2013 elections that saw rival factions come together and pledged to keep peace.