Zari Hassan’s Steamy S3x Tape

zari hassan
zari hassan

Years back It happened that Zari Hassan’s steamy sextape went online thus we drew some of her few shocking facts.

The sextape re-surfaced after a Ugandan twitterati uploaded the year old sextape to his blog claiming that it was one of the best throwback of 2015.

This was in an already top trending hashtag in Uganda; #Best2015Moments that was started to highlight a few of the memorable events in the winding up year.

It’s clear that most of you have never watched Zari Hassan’s steamy sextape, but as usual, we can’t upload it on our site.

Below is a link that will take you to the video Zari Hassan’s sextape.

Despite Zari’s reputation at the moment, the Internet must be a b*tch never to forget such a thing, don’t you think?