Woman Kills Her Beautiful Daughter, Flee To Africa To Find A ‘Rich Man To Marry


Middle aged woman, who smothered her baby to death in 2013 before fleeing to Uganda has been jailed for life
She was tracked down and brought back to Britain to face justice days after she fleed
the woman in question, Angela Whitworth has been jailed for life for murdering her 20-month-old daughter Sarah

The court branded him A ‘wicked and selfish’ mother and ordered to been jailed for life for murdering her 20-month-old daughter over a bitter custody battle.

Angela Whitworth, 44, used a black bin liner to smother Sarah Dahane at her home in Bicester, Oxfordshire, on May 15, 2013.

Having already booked her ticket before the murder, she then took a flight to Nairobi in Kenya the day before the little girl’s body was discovered.

Earlier this year, she was held by police in Uganda and brought back to Britain, where she admitted the murder.

Detectives in Uganda later found Whitworth had been using her computer to Google searches for ‘Find a rich man to marry’ and ‘Do men from United Arab Emirates marry black women’.

She was sentenced by Mr Justice Spencer at the Old Bailey to life with a minimum term of 15 years.

Passing sentence Mr Justice Spencer told Whitworth ‘She was only 20 months old when you gagged and smothered her to death.

‘It would have been close to five minutes for her to lose consciousness. She must have been terrified and bewildered in her last moments of life.

The judge said Sarah Dahane would have been ‘terrified and bewildered’ in her final moments

Whitworth fled to Africa after the murder and searched ‘find a rich man to marry’ online

Whitworth feared she was about to lose custody of her daughter during a bitter family court with her ex-husband, Nabil Dahane.

The judge added: ‘It is clear that your approach was if I can’t have Sarah, no-one can.

‘I can only imagine the desolation and distress Mr Dihane must have felt on discovering his beautiful and precious daughter was dead at the hands of her mother.

‘It is clear that she was a delightful little girl with her whole life stretched out in front of her. It was a great betrayal on your responsibility to her as a mother.’

Detailing Whitworth’s bitter custodial battle with her ex-husband, prosecutor Sally Howes QC had told the court: ‘The defendant wanted to take the child with her and return to the family home in Kenya.

‘She was feeling resentful, she felt angry that her husband had put her in a position of having to give up her daughter.

‘Officals found her manipulating the system, if Mr Dihane was going to have contact, it would only be on her terms.’

Mr Dahane said his daughter was ‘beautiful, lovely and lively’ and ‘loved everyone’

Whitworth, formerly of Bicester, Oxfordshire, pleaded guilty to murdering her daughter on 15 May 2013.

Speaking after the death of his baby daughter Mr Dahane said: ‘My one and only daughter Sarah was so beautiful, lovely and lively. She loved everyone and everyone just loved her back.

‘Our time together was really happy and precious. She meant the world to me, still does and will always do regardless.’

‘Sarah’s tragic loss has had a profound impact on my life and I am still struggling to come to terms with it all.

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