“I Will Never Date a Kisii Man Again”,Kikuyu Lady Dares After Meeting a Monster in Bed

Shocking Similarities And Differences Between Kamba Women And Kikuyu Women

A Kikuyu lady by the name Njoki regrets allowing a Kisii man into her bed. This is the shocking story of Njoki,who swears not to date a Kisii man again.

This comes barely four months after a young beautiful lady made an interesting confession and sworn that she will never make love to Luhya men again after she went through what she describes as a horrendous ordeal.

Now, as njoki narrates it, its quite evident that Mogaka had starved enhance nice services was needed. His engine has rust thus njoki was to provide oil grease it as a way of paying the food and drinks she took on Mogaka’s bill

“It was on Friday evening and this Kisii man who I only known as Mogaka invited me for dinner. We ate and drank until 12 am when he proposed that I have a rest at his house.

He begged and begged until I sympathized with him.I told him a single [email protected] was enough for the night, he said “Okay”.

It took 3 minutes to prepare myself for him and after letting him