“I will avenge your death” Sister To The Notorious Gangster Gunned By Police vows to avenge her brother’s painful death (Photos)


April 21st wee hours of the night, young energetic man, Kamau Mwangi met his ultimate death after being killed by police in cold blood

The sad incident happened at Hamza, Jogoo Road Nairobi after he attempted to rob police officer at gun point.


Now, the deceased sister, Ruth Mumbi says police killed her brother Kamau Mwangi in cold blood and for that reason she has vowed to dedicate her life to avenge her brother’s death.

The deceased was termed as a notorious gangster who had been on police radar for a year. Apparently the police officer who gunned him down acted in self defense, he didn’t kill him in cold blood.

Of late police have deliberately decided to gun down young criminals instead of apprehending them and allowing the law to take its course.

This comes barely after a female criminal, Claire made headlines after she was killed like a rat at Kayole after a numerous warnings from the police.