Video Gone Viral; Helper Beats Up 96-year-old Woman She Was Supposed to Take Care of, Unbelievable!


Rogue house help has pleaded guilty to five of 15 counts of hurting the old woman at her employer’s home in the Lavender district in Indonesia

An Indonesian woman whose mother was bedridden, had weak kidneys, diabetes and showed signs of dementia although she was not formally diagnosed, needed somebody to take care of her.

She had no choice but to leave her ill mother to helper who would take care of her mother while she was away for work.

But when she got home, she saw something horrifying on the CCTV camera she left at home—something that made her report it to the police

In the footage, the helper, Murni Panengsih, 25, can be seen beating her mother. She would elbow the 96-year-old woman, hit her on the face and head, and even pressed her head hard into the pillow she was lying on.

The daughter noticed bruises on her mother’s body, which prompted her to install cameras in and around the house.

According to the victim’s daughter, she had noticed some bruises on the victim before Sept 17, and the victim had also mentioned that “somebody was trying to kill her”.

But the daughter thought the victim was imagining things

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