Unbelievable! This Girl Used Chicken Feed To Enlarge Her B00TY, The Worst Happened!


This is a shocking confession of a Maseno University lady disclosing how she used chicken feed to enlarge her b00ty but ended up with health complications;

“I had always wanted to have a bigger b()()ty since high school i felt my figure one shape wasn’t s3xy enough and made me unattractive to men,i never got to be hit on by men as much which as a lady

got me worried and concerned.

When i joined campus all my friends were getting hooked up but me,a friend advised me to buy the b()()ty pads which i bought at 3k in town,surprisingly i started getting advances but my fear of going to bed and the man discovering the secret kept me away from sleeping with them,i felt lonely inside i couldn’t get to enjoy”

“In a secret Facebook group which im a member,a lady suggested the chicken feeds trick which would fatten and give you a big a$ in few months,i contacted and she organized it for me,i finally found the solution to my problem.

i started using them around may last year and by August the magic was showing i had added weight and my b()()ty was getting bigger day by day. By December last year they got extremely big beyond my preference so i stopped usage. I was okay or so i thought”

Then this is where trouble begun:

“it was too big that made me so uncomfortable,the toilet seat at home was never enough which inconvenienced me,people around started giving me raised eyebrows looks.

Now i joined the gym to reduce it,i walk to town daily to shake off this baggage but nothing seems to work. Now last three weeks i have noticed puss swellings in my b()()ty and are very smelly when burst.

It has got me worried,i researched and read about consequences of butt enhancers and im now sleeping and walking with fears of a cancer infection,im only 22 and yet to finish campus and already cancer could be in the equation and it is all my fault and naivety i hate my life”