Students Caught Having Unprotected S3x In A School Dormitory PHOTOS]


There was drama in a Nyanza girls’ School after boys from a neighboring institution made their way in to quench their sexual thirst.

It has come to our attention that, the students have been engaging in this for the longest period unnoticed.


The form 4 girls at St. Mary Goretty Dede in Migori County are believed to have schemed and invited the boys from Manyatta Boys Secondary for a s3x orgy in their dormitories.

This led to 11 girls being suspended awaiting the Board’s decision on the matter

The number of boys reported to have sneaked in is approximated to be around 10, having travelled from their school which is 17 kilometers away after night preps.

They stayed in the girls’ dormitories for approximately 3 hours and suspected to have been communicating via illegal cell phones.

For the record, on July 24, 2016 – Police in Thika arrested six students and three teachers of a Nairobi school after allegedly finding them drunk and in possession of illicit liquor.

On August 5, more than 45 students both boys and girls from different secondary schools were busted drunk in Nyeri inside a Nairobi bound bus.

Traffic police at Kiangwaci Police Post intercepted the bus and found rolls of bhang on the floor. School girls were seated on boys’ laps in the back seat and most of the students appeared intoxicated.

It was on that back seat they were having unprotected sex.