Shocking As Kisumu Women Trade Their Bodies For As Low As Ksh 10


Reports to our newsdesk is that things are wrecking havoc in Kisumu as women are engaging into Khs 10 prostitution business

The most embarrassing thing is that, underage girls are involved with bigger support from their mothers to curb poverty

Legislators in the area are looking into the matter with an aid of bringing the culprits into book.

Meanwhile, sponsor narrative is taking greate height as the notorious Nairobi C0ugar Lounge is back and young fellows are being baited to have s3x with old “moms” in return for cash.

The individuals who run the page assert that the past page that had more than 100,000 fans was brought down after the narrative of their filthy business was uncovered in the media a year ago.

They assert that they are presently back prepared to associate young fellows with old “mothers” who are likewise prepared to ruin them with cash in return for s3x.

This is the means by which they are baiting young fellows to old “mothers” for s3x.

In any case, we exhort young fellows not to purchase this babble. see the photos next page