SHOCKING Evidence! Young People Having S3x With The Dead To Get Wealth

people in between the sheets

Love for money, fame and power got the higher staircase. Different cases emerge of how different people acquire wealth; get renown in all corners of the continent

Sometimes back we unveiled a confession from a girl who confessed to have slept with Late Jacob Juma’s body a the morgue

Surprisingly, those who do such unGodly things are our brothers and sisters who want quick wealth, not to labour hard.

Young, talented and more so educated generation is perishing at ease.who will rescue this generation if you and I don’t take charge?

We have eavesdropped a conversation that sends chills down our spines between a 29 year old mortuary attendant and admin of popular blog!

Morgue attendant; Vipi mzae,im 29yrs old im a mortuary attendant at ************ home.after kumaliza colle didnt get work and a friend introduced me hapa n ive been attendant

 nt for 4yrs now. I want to expose something to wananchi and i hope you dont post my name,there is something shady that has been going on in here that many of you would find shocking but to us its normal.Do u know that we sleep with some of the female clients?yaani tuna have $*x nao,and its not just here alone it happens in most of the mortuaries.U know here is high class so clients …………….