INSANE, Rogue Pastor Caught On Camera Stepping On A Pregnant Woman’s Tummy

Rogue Pastors

Since Kenya’s Pastor Kanyari’s fake miracles were exposed, many believers have been skeptical about some the miracles and prayers that some rogue pastors conduct.

It has been so hard to believe what some pastors are doing to their believers.

In the Bible, Jesus performed miracles. Yes, no one can say no to that. However, the actions that He used to perform this miracles can not be compared to some of the actions that we see nowadays on the televisions and the churches that we go to.

I do not know if it is because we are very desperate or it is just ignorance that a pastor could do some things to your pregnant wife and still believe that he is performing a miracle.

In another video that leaked on social media, one Nigerian pastor is seen to stepping on a pregnant woman’s tummy signifying that he is stepping on the demon in her in order for it to leave her.

Social media fans had this to say about the rogue pastors

Nazim Nazim These TV preachers are biggest money looters they bring actors to the church and fool the audience. These people are super rich. Jimmy Swagart is the worst of them all having involved in pornography

Apwoyo Mansolo Solushon did jesus heal people thatway? na fala amekaa na kutulia jinga sana

Chris Grappling The “healing” is called: “cleaning my shoe”

Hilda Mwavishi I pity the ignorant Christians someone taking advantage of them

Lilian Chelimo Wanambisi WTF.I will be swing and punching this idiot. What is wrong with some people nowdays!!!

Dalemas Wingham I swear people so damn stupid llab

Higueta Carlos Another Kofi olomide

Nyams Mathu These madness!!!! Nonsense n madharau

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