This Is What You Receive In Kenya When You Start Trafficking Children! (Photos)


Few days after a clip went viral that kenyans who leave to seek greener pasture abroad are mistreated and killed, another sad story unfolds

A middle aged woman has been arrested in Kajiado County after a serious beating from the public for attempting to traffic young children out of the Country.


The woman was apprehended as she was ferrying a child who had been reported missing by her parents, following a tip off by the residents to the police.

Around 15 minors were rescued from a four-bed-roomed house that was supposedly owned by the woman in Kitengela, where the children were allegedly being deprived basic needs.

According to a report by K24, the children did not know how they got to the house but they could remember being told that they would be taken to schools abroad. The children added that some of their colleagues had disappeared from the home over time.

Kitengela’s Children officer Dan Obunga said that cases of child trafficking were on an increase in the town, as children were being held in order to extort money from donors

He also added that they would be more vigilant when dealing with these matters and those found in contradiction to laws governing children would be incarcerated.

The suspected human-trafficker is set to be arraigned in court today. The minors were also taken to the Kitengela police station where their details were being recorded to help in the investigations.

Warning; not only children are abducted, but also aldults. Some are forced to leave the country for greener pastures.

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Beware of fake foreign agencies that promise work abroad They process your papers, pay your ticket and then take you abroad in pretense that they want to get you a job there, But instead when you get there they kill their victims and Harvest All The Valuable Body Parts.