It Was All A Prank, Akothee Is Not Married Yet!

It Was All A Prank, Akothee Is Not Marriied!
akothee and her fiancee

The last two days the inter webs were filled with news that the wealthiest female singer in Kenya had tied the knot with her Swiss fiancé’ in Jo’burg.

According to the latest reports that are reaching our desk, it was not Akothee’s wedding but it was a scene in a video she is to release this coming Friday.

Akothee managed to fool us all, just after she posted videos and photos of her in a wedding gown, congratulatory messages came flowing from left, right and centre.

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But the fact that neither her kids nor close family and friends were part of the wedding was quite questionable yet most of us did not factor that in after the release of photos and videos from that ‘wedding’.

So let’s all hold our horses and wait for her new video. (Hoping she will be twerking as usual.)

Akothee will get married in November as earlier announced.